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Finally! A Relief to Neck Stiffness!

Finally! A Relief to Neck Stiffness!

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65% of adults sleep on their side and the majority of them report waking up with neck and shoulder pain. SideSleeper pillow aligns your neck & back and quickly relieves the pressure.

“I’ve struggled with a bad neck for years and no pillow was good enough. SideSleeper works wonders for my neck. The best part is I stopped waking up in the middle of the night! Highly recommend it!" - Bertha Jones

Getting quality sleep on a regular basis improves your cardiovascular and mental health. However 35% of adults report their sleep quality as “poor”. Side Sleeper’s scientifically-designed arc is especially made to prevent you from waking up at night with stiff neck and numb arms. You’re welcome!

☑️ SideSleeper™ is the only pillow designed especially for side sleepers – the scientifically-designed arc prevents stiff neck and arm numbness effectively.
☑️ Fall asleep as soon as you lay down – neck and back pain are the most common causes of restless sleep. SideSleeper™ helps you fall asleep faster.
☑️ Say goodbye to stress and anxiety – Seriously…customers report that SideSleeper™ helps with REM sleep, essential for processing and consolidating emotions and stress.
☑️ The more you use it, the better you’ll feel – You put pressure on your neck all day – every time you bend over, stare at a computer screen, or read a text message. Using SideSleeper™ you’ll give your neck (and yourself!) the rest it deserves.
☑️ Wake up fresh – SideSleeper™ eliminates the tension out of those tight, inflamed muscles in your neck thus providing quality sleep and easy wakening.
☑️ Fits into your busy schedule – Tiredness never happens at a convenient time. So use SideSleeper™ whenever and wherever you want!
☑️ Always travel-ready – On the go? Thanks to the compact design SideSleeper™ fits neatly inside any travel bag!
☑️ Cleaning SideSleeper™ it's as easy as can be – Just remove the white cover and throw it in the washer.

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